When I decided to have my windows replaced I was dreading the idea of dealing with pushy sales personnel. True to form 2 companies I dealt with did the hard sell, bringing in charts of weather systems, dvd’s on windows and glass and then going through a game show ending pick a price” whilst spinning round with a piece of card and jumping around the lounge shouting “this is what you should pay…. but this is what you could pay if you sign up now!” When I said no, he looked at me as though I had called his children ugly and that his wife needed milking. This is why when a representative of Countryman walked in it was a breath of fresh air. A smile on the face instead of a look that screams “I’m going to make you buy windows if it’s the last thing I do”. Then he said words I thought had been removed from a sales person’s vocabulary “I won’t keep you long” and “you can make your mind up in your own time”. After a quick measuring of the windows he gave me information on Countryman and said farewell. Then, I rece